Creepy words for Hallooween!

Love it or loathe it, but when the summer is finally over and you start to feel a familiar chill in your bones, it means it's time to dust off your vampire costume and get into the spirit of HALLOWEEN!

Let's take a look at some key expression for the season of the dead:

Feeling creepy? Do zombies and ghouls creep you out? Is your boss a creep?

The verb to creep is one of the lesser known irregular verbs (creep, crept, crept). Its literal meaning is to walk quietly so as not to be noticed. You might find a burlar creeping around your house or you can simply creep up on a friend to scare them.  The verb has given rise to the adjective creepy which just means something scary or disagreeable.   

Another interesting word is to shiver. We often shiver when we are cold (our skin shakes). At this time of year you are more likely to shiver when you feel afraid. You might say that something sends "shivers down your spine." A similar but rarer verb is to shudder. Again, you would shudder (or shake) if you felt fear.

Typically, at Halloween time people love to dress up. Remember that to dress up is not the same as to get dressed! Perhaps you get dressed every morning before going to work but you probably don't dress up! (Dress up = to wear special clothes or a costume).

So, watch out for flying bats, spine-chilling zombies or those annoying trick-or-treaters and go out and join in the horror!