Mad November Days!

Those mad November days...

November is an inbetween time. Summer has been and gone. Leaves redden and fall. Days alternate between fading sunlight and ever present drizzle. Most of us associate this month with the build-up to Christmas. Halloween ushers in the long dark nights, along with a host of terrifying ghostly beings and annoying children making threats in exchange for sweets.  Black Friday offers Americans (and increasingly other nationalities)the chance to snap up bargains and save money on their December gifts. 

A quick search on google reveals that several strange celebrations also take place in November. 

November 3rd is Sandwich Day. This popular meal was supposedly invented by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. By skipping long, drawn-out lunches and snacking on meat between two slices of bread, this compulsive gambler was able to spend longer indulging in his passion for cards. Celebrate this ingenious creation by pigging out on your favourite "sanie".

November 15th is officially Clean your Refrigerator Day! No kidding! Perhaps it would be better to not wait until this late in the year though, before washing out your smelly leftovers.

If you do get ill in the process however, you can always move on to Have a Bad Day Day (19th November) or have fun on  Our Uncles are Monkeys Day (on the 24th, in honour of Charles Darwin).

By this stage, all these weird holidays have probably left you bemused and worn out. Luckily, the month ends with Stay at Home Because you are Well Day (30th November). The creators of this day advocate calling in to work "well" and just taking the day off.

Enjoy your November!