New Year 2019!


Happy new year!

With last year out of  the way and a new year beckoning, it's time to reflect and look back at the old year. Did you have a good one? Did you achieve all your goals? If not, then perhaps it's time to draw up a list of new resolutions. Here are a few of the most common:

1:  Get healthy!  You can do this by giving up bad habits such as smoking or drinking too much. Why not sign up at the local gym?

2: Take up a new hobby or course. A big source of dissatisfaction in life is the daily grind or routine. If your job is getting you down then you can retrain or simply do something for the soul. Enlighten yourself! Leave your comfort zone!

3: Plan the trip of your life. As winter takes its icy grip, many people dream of escaping to sunny locations in far-flung Asian countries or Florida. Book that trip now and shake off the winter blues.

Finally, if you find your motivation waning and those resolutions slipping away don't lose heart. Just remember that 90 % of resolutions are doomed to failure. Good luck and happy new year!